A little bit about me

Born and raised in Wyoming, I never knew what I really wanted to be when I grew up. I went to college to become an elementary school teacher because that was the only thing that truly inspired me. As I was going through school, I noticed that I was really being pulled towards the art department, but it still wasn’t my true passion. I love painting and creating something from nothing, but it still wasn’t that “ah-ha” moment.

In one of my last years in college, my grandmother gave me my first DSLR camera. And to be honest…I had ZERO idea how to work it. I threw that baby on auto and faked my way through it. It sat in a drawer for a few years, until my daughter was born. This is when I truly became excited about the idea of being a “mom-tographer”. I loved putting little sets together and trying to get that professional looking shot.. and I will keep being honest…they were horrible. Poor Aurora.

Once my second daughter was born, I thought that making a real career out of this hobby was exactly what I needed. I took a film class at the college, and that’s where my passion bloomed. My professor there, was remarkable. I’ve had a lot of extraordinary teachers in my life, but he is who pushed me down the path I feel like I am supposed to be on.

He showed me that just knowing how to use a camera, doesn’t make a photographer. Knowing how to get the shot, without guessing is what makes a photographer. In one of his last lectures he gave the scenario of, a client wants a photo of this train. You have one shot left in your roll. There is no light, and you only have 5 minutes. Get the shot, and you’ll get paid. Miss it and you’ll need to hang up your camera because you missed that $10,000 shot. This lecture really stuck with me over the years because you only have one shot to capture these moments-they will be gone before you know it.

Our Story

My husband and I met in Rock Springs, Wyoming in 2008. We were both working at the Kmart there in town. My grandmother actually hired him, so I always joke that she approved of him first.

We got married in 2011, and now have three wonderful children. Our family is the best thing that has ever happened to me, and I’m thrilled to grow and be with my best friend for the rest of my life.

We have been through so many moves and challenges as a family but have finally found our forever home here in New Jersey.